In 2017, I once again documented the Dartington International Summer School and Festival. My brief was mainly to take portraits of the tutors and musicians who come here, but to also document some of the masterclasses and projects.

Michael Finnissy – composer, photographed at High Cross House, Dartington.

Adriano Adewale – Brazilian percussionist

Lee Reynolds – conductor

Joanna MacGregor - Pianist and Artistic Director of Dartington International Summer School & Festival.

The Dead Rat Orchestra – Nathaniel Mann and Robin Alderton – innovative folk ensemble working with students at Dartington for a week on a Magpieism, a project in the Hall Gardens.

Stevie Wishart - composer and hurdy gurdy player.

Joseph Havlat – Pianist

Sarah Gabriel – soprano.

James Runcie – writer and broadcaster.

Eliza Carthy - composer and folk musician.

Howard Skempton – composer.

Thomas Gould

Adriano Adewale and Jonathan Preiss – percussionist and guitarist.

Folk Orchestra rehearsal.