Composers 1

Dartington International Summer School of Music can boast an impressive list of recent visitors. Among those shown here: Thomas Adès, Thea Musgrave, Philip Cashian, Errollyn Wallen, Huw Watkins, Milton Babbitt, Judith Weir, Dominic Muldowney, Somei Satoh, Tansy Davies, David Matthews, Betsy Jolas, Alexander Goehr and Martin Butler.

Philip Cashian - Born 1963 is an English composer and head of composition at the Royal Academy of Music.

Thomas Adés first came to Dartington in his twenties as a member of the Composers' Ensemble after studying composition with Robert Saxton, Robin Holloway and Alexander Goehr.

Errollyn Wallen, born 1958, a Belize-born British composer who moved to London when she was two. She was the first black woman to have a work performed at the Proms - Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra.

Huw Watkins is a composer and jazz pianist born in 1962 in Wales.

Thea Musgrave - Scottish composer born in 1928. She studied in Paris as a pupil of Nadia Boulanger and then in the United States with Aaron Copland. She has lived and worked in America since 1972.

Milton Babbitt - 1916-2011 - was an American composer, music theorist and teacher. He is noted for his serial and electronic music.

Judith Weir was born in 1954 in England to Scottish parents. She studied with John Tavener and subsequently Robin Holloway. In 2014 she was appointed as Master of the Queen's Music.

Dominic Muldowney - British composer born in Southampton in 1953. He studied composition with Jonathan Harvey and Harrison Birtwistle. He has written music for TV, radio and film and written and arranged for David Bowie and Sting.

Somei Satoh - born in Japan in 1947. His haunting musical language is a fusion of Japanese timbral sensibilities with 19th century Romanticism and electronic technology.

Tansy Davies - composer born in Bristol in 1973.

David Matthews - born in 1943, an English composer of mainly orchestral, chamber, vocal and piano works.

Betsy Jolas - French composer born in Paris in 1936, the daughter of translator Maria Jolas and journalist Eugène Jolas who founded the literary magazine 'transitions' in which James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake first appeared.

Alexander Goehr was born in Berlin in 1932, the son of the conductor and Schoenburg pupil Walter Goehr. He moved to England when only a few months old. In 1955 Goehr left England to study in Paris with composer Messiaen.

Martin Butler was born in Hampshire in 1960. He studied at the University of Manchester and Royal Northern College of Music. He is currently Professor of Music at the University of Sussex.